Stunning shot, how did you get it?

Well, its a composite. I know im being frowned upon by photographers as we speak for doing this, but above all I am an artist. To me, art is mixing the ideal and the real, and that is what I put forward when I edit my images.

Do you have shame?

As a photographer, yes i do. It sucks knowing this could’ve been an actual moment I captured. Instead, I captured 90% of this moment and it left me with a blank blue sky behind the rock climber. Not entirely ideal for the energy of the rock climber had, so I simply changed the sky.

How did you change the sky?

This one was easy I just used the photo shop select subject tool. Next, I inverted the selection, then deleted and replaced the sky.

Finishing touches?

Last, I cleaned up the sky selection crop and added some gradients to enhance the energy of the image.

Need help learning the basics?


  1. Nicely done. Even Ansel Adams would manipulate his photos in the dark room, editing is part of the craft, itโ€™s just the tools have been updated. I think anyone who views it differently should be using a pinhole camera and film ๐Ÿ˜‰

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