Behind the image EP.1

In this video, I talk about how I created this image and how you could get a similar look. I also mention the gear I am rocking and the lighting pattern used on my subject. This is great for beginners to learn to light, post processing, strobes, gear, etc. If you have questions ask away, […]

Photo Journal – 1

One of my favorite shots, I was camping at Bartlet lake in Arizona and I wanted to capture the stars in the background because they looked so gorgeous out by the lake. How I got the shot: Took some trial and error, but off to the left I believe we had a lantern that was […]

A7iii V.S. A7rii

What Sony camera is right for you? Let’s jump straight into this RAW. The price difference between these two may be a lens worth, so lets check the facts. Facts: A7iii costs $1,900 new. Used EST ~ $1,500. A7rii costs $1,600 new. Used EST ~ $1,100. You’re thinking “well, I can’t afford either” but we’re […]

Len’s Care

Your lens is dirty, so how do you fix it without scraping the lens you went in debt for? It’s really simple but if you’re anything like me you want to do it right, let’s go over the tools you will need. Microfiber Cloth Air Blower ( looks like the thing you suck boogers out […]

Russ’s Review: Small-rig Cage

Not everyone needs a cage for their camera but those who do video work will appreciate the attachments you can add to your camera. Those who primarily record themselves will benefit by getting a cage for their a6400 or any a6xxx because the mic jack get’s in the way of the screen, you can counter […]

Russ’s Review: 85mm 1.8 Sony

The 85mm 1.8 Sony is one of the highest quality lenses you could get for little investment. With that being said, let’s find out if it’s right for you. Lens Price This lens is one of my first additions to my very small collection, also the best quality lens for the price in my opinion […]

Is the 55mm F/1.8 Zeiss worth the cash?

The Sony 55mm 1.8 Zeiss clocks in around a whopping 1000$ new. If you’re lucky and can wait for a great opportunity, you can find it selling for around 600$ – 800$ used on Facebook marketplace or offer up, just be sure to inspect the lens first. I purchased mine for 600 and it was […]

How to take an HDR / Stack Exposures

So you’ve mastered manual settings and you understand how to adjust aperture, shutter speed and ISO. However, you’ve encountered a problem when trying to preserve really bright highlights and really dark shadows. So, what do you do? Hopefully your answer wasn’t give up, otherwise i won’t make my sweet ad revenue by you learning this […]