Photography & Videography

Russell Shaffer

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What I do

I’m a photographer and videographer, I have graduated with my Associates of Applied Science in Digital Media, with an emphasis in the above. I have a passion for displaying subjects in their best light, that may be portraits or architecture photography.


My work

Photography that fits

Not all photography is equal, each customer has unique needs and im here to fill those.




Finished projects


Years of expierence


Hours filmed


Motion graphics

Videography Portfolio

Real Estate advertisement

A great way to showcase houses is via video with motion graphics giving the viewer information on the property while viewing the home.


Campus Tour

For this project, we utilized gimbals and drones to showcase Central Arizona College.


Corporate Example

For this project the goal was for a modern advertisement look.


Creative Work

Another Passion of mine is creating content and teaching. I do this in my free time and throughly enjoy all aspects of content creation. In addition, this is the main reason I built my website using word press to share my knowledge in the field!