A7iii V.S. A7rii

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What Sony camera is right for you?

Let’s jump straight into this RAW. The price difference between these two may be a lens worth, so lets check the facts.


  • A7iii costs $1,900 new. Used EST ~ $1,500.
  • A7rii costs $1,600 new. Used EST ~ $1,100.

You’re thinking “well, I can’t afford either” but we’re window shopping so that doesn’t matter.


Clear, winner here but do megapixels matter to you? I for one loved them until my storage filled up twice as fast. If you invest in a higher megapixel camera, it is taxing on your computer and editing laggy images is not fun. Either set aside the money to upgrade weak computer parts or go for the a7iii.

Do I need the mega pixels?

No. I don’t but im also not you, we’re built different. I enjoy getting my composition correct on camera first. With that being said, if you crop your images a lot, the megapixels might help you keep a lot of your image quality still.

Photography and Videography

This will be the deciding factor for most of you.

Do you run a photography and videography business?

If your career involves you to do both, the better option is the a7iii. Both do 4k but this camera has the specs to pull off video and photo that is the reason I bought it. If I was just a studio or still photographer, I would go with the a7rii because of how cheap it is when compared to the a7iii and the clear advantage it has in photography.

  • Primarily Photography = A7rii
  • Primarily Video = A7iii
  • Video & Photo = A7iii

These are the major factors that ultimately led me to sell my a7rii for those curious, I sold it for $1,100. I do not regret it but when I shoot stills; she crosses my mind.

Below are some FAQ:

Q: Best for sports photography?

A: Time is crucial in this area of photography, the a7iii is far superior in focus points and speed.

Q: A7rii a good secondary camera?

A: Yes, I use it often, especially if I knew I was posing subjects for stills.

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