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Your lens is dirty, so how do you fix it without scraping the lens you went in debt for?

It’s really simple but if you’re anything like me you want to do it right, let’s go over the tools you will need.


For some odd reason, we’re wired to blow things. not a joke, resist all urge to blow the dust off your lens using your mouth, not only can you spit saliva all over your lens you also have bad breath so just save it for your birthday cake.

Story time: Once in a blue moon I get the urge to just blow the dust off my lens using my mouth, I always end up getting saliva on it just don’t do it.

Where do I buy the tools?

The Zeiss lens wipes you can purchase from using this link. However, you may find them at your local Best Buy, I just don’t have one near me. You can get a 220 pack for about $15 on amazon though, and currently it’s the best deal (I do my research).

The microfiber cloth you can purchase using this link. Most photographers have like 20 of these, they literally just hand them out, matter of fact ill create some using my logo. Currently amazon has the best deal on the 6 pack for $8.99 which is pretty cheap considering I’ve worked out my entire life and still don’t have a six-pack.

The air-blower you can purchase using this link. You can also pick these up from a local camera store if you have one near (support a local business). I’m also considered a local business thanks to me being a business on the internet. Amazon has this listed for $7.99.

The brush you can purchase using this link. Again, your local camera store will have these more than likely, you just have to muster up the courage to leave your house. These will run you about $9.99.

All together this will run you about $40 if purchased Individually.

Crazy, right?

Well, don’t be, if you need the ENTIRE KIT just purchase it HERE for half the price. If you only needed one or two things, you can purchase them individually and you will get some better quality tools rather than an entire kit.

How to Clean My Lens

You have the tools to clean your high-quality glass, let’s get started.

Step 1: we use The blower first, this will help you get the big stuff off with nothing pressing into your buttery smooth glass.

Step 2: we use the brush next, I brush the lens to knock off any excess dust. I also use the double fist combo of dusting and blowing after each stroke.

Step 3: last we use the lens wipe or cloth with fluid, both work the same. With the lens wipe, you simply wipe the lens in circular motions from outward to inward. If you have the cloth with the fluid, spray some on the cloth and do the same.

Outstanding you’ve cleaned your lens and did not destroy it, I hope!

Below are some FAQ:

Q: Are lens cleaning clothes washable?

A: Yes, you can soak them in soapy water then rinse them out or throw them in the washer.. just not with bleach!

Q: Are lens cleaning wipes safe?

A: If used after blowing off bigger dust particles and brushing, they are 100% safe!

Q: What are lens cleaning cloths made out of?

A: Lens cleaning cloths are made of microfiber!

Q: Where can I buy the stuff needed to clean my lenses?

A: I’ve linked multiple resources of how you can purchase these items above in my article!

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