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Prime Lens’s: The Best Kind of Lens

If you’re a photographer, then the choice of your lens is one of the most important decisions that you’ll ever make. Lenses in photography can be difficult to choose from and there are many kinds. Which ones are worth investing in? What should I look for when buying? This blog will answer all these questions […]

What The Beginner Photographer Needs.

The last photography guide a beginner will need to start, I will cover everything. Camera Choice Lens Choice Mastering Manual Settings Camera Choice As a photography beginner camera choice is important, it should not stress you out as a beginning photographer. Your stress is better used in learning manual settings, composition, and lighting. Now that […]

Len’s Care

Your lens is dirty, so how do you fix it without scraping the lens you went in debt for? It’s really simple but if you’re anything like me you want to do it right, let’s go over the tools you will need. Microfiber Cloth Air Blower ( looks like the thing you suck boogers out […]

How to take an HDR / Stack Exposures

So you’ve mastered manual settings and you understand how to adjust aperture, shutter speed and ISO. However, you’ve encountered a problem when trying to preserve really bright highlights and really dark shadows. So, what do you do? Hopefully your answer wasn’t give up, otherwise i won’t make my sweet ad revenue by you learning this […]