Prime Lens’s: The Best Kind of Lens

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If you’re a photographer, then the choice of your lens is one of the most important decisions that you’ll ever make. Lenses in photography can be difficult to choose from and there are many kinds. Which ones are worth investing in? What should I look for when buying? This blog will answer all these questions and more!


  • What is a Prime Lens?
  • Prime or Zoom Lens?
  • What Makes a Good Lens?
  • Buy New or Used Lens’s?

What is a Prime lens?

A prime lens is a type of camera lens that isn’t zoomable. It’s called “prime” because it has one focal length, which can be thought of as the minimum starting point for shooting. Prime lenses have distinct advantages over other types of lenses; they’re lighter and less expensive than many telephoto or super-telephoto lenses. In conclusion, prime lenses may seem superior but lack the versatility that a “zoom” lens gives you.

Prime or Zoom Lens?

Prime lenses can often be confused with zoom lenses, but they’re really quite different. Zoom lenses have a variable focal length, meaning that you can change the lens’s focal length to be closer or farther away from your subject in order to compose an image of any desired size and perspective. Prime lenses only have one fixed focal length which cannot be changed. In addition, prime lenses can have a lower F-Stop such as F1.4, whereas zoom lenses can not. In conclusion, prime lenses are superior in quality but you lose the versatility.

What Makes a Good Lens?

The F-Stop of a lens is the aperture which determines how much light will pass through the lenses onto your camera’s sensor. The lower the number, such as F/1.4 or even just F/2.8, indicates that more light can make it into your camera and you’ll get clearer pictures in darker settings with low ISO sensitivities. In addition, the quality of glass used to manufacture the lens will be a significant factor in the lens performance. For wide-angle lenses, the level of distortion generated may be an important factor to consider. In conclusion, prime lenses usually have better image quality over zoom lenses.

Buy New or Used Lens’s?

If you’re looking to buy a lens, the first decision is whether to purchase new or used. Typically, buying a lens new will come with the safety of reliability and the fact you can return it if it’s not. If you have a business license, I suggest buying new. Hobbyists should watch the used market closely and inspect lenses upon purchase.


Prime lenses are the best type of lens’s for photography. However, versatility may be valued more to other photographers.

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